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Financial Services

      Consulting Servicespic_investors102

      • Business Consultant
      • Business Plans
      • Financial Projections

      Accounting and Tax Sevices

      • Payroll Services
      • Personal and Business Income Tax

      Commercial Short Sale

      • Notice of DefaultMONEYPHOTO
      • Notice of Sale Date
      • Act NOW – Call NOW
      • For Professional, Confidential Resolutions

      National Note Buyers

      • Professional, Knowledgeable
      • Expert Seller Facilitation and Document Services

      Sellers, Investors, Realtors Love to Work with Us!

      • Bank “Declined” your Conventional Buyers?
      • Debt to Income Ratios too High?Sold.Realtor.House03
      • Employment Issues? Other Issues?

      Here is your POWER!

      • You can say “No Problem!”
      • OFFER “Seller Financing”
      • ATTRACT more “Easier to Qualify” Buyers
      • Create Salable and Valuable Seller Originated Notes and Mortgages
      • Sell your Note: Get CASH at Closing
      • CALL NOW 417-942-0165 for EXCITING DETAILS!
      • It will be the  Best Call of your DAY

      We Provide Commercial FundsHandshake

      • Retail
      • Hospitality
      • Agricultural
      • Multi-Family
      • Specialty Properties

      Specialty Funds

      • USDA/B&I
      • SBA
      • HUD 223(f)
      • Private Money
      • Hard Money


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