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 We are very concerned about your privacy. We DO NOT sell any personal information to any source.

 Beware of the many television advertisements with slogans such as “Get up to four offers”, “have banks compete for your loan”, etc. Most of these are companies are not lenders - they are Marketing companies. They get your private information and SELL your information to whoever wants to purchase the information. We know many of these marketing companies. They call us every day offering to sell to us the personal information obtained from Internet fill-in forms.

We NEVER sell your information to ANY other company. After your loan closes, any documents in our possession are destroyed, except for those we are required by law to maintain. These are stored in a secure area.

 What is even worse, some purchasers of information will then resell the information to even more companies. It is common to have a potential borrower contacted by ten or twenty potential lenders.

 What counts is the service and personal attention you will receive.  At AmeraCapital, we strive to find the BEST loan for your situation, and give you professional, courteous, and speedy service.


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